Windows 11 is almost here and you can have it on all jp.ik devices

21 2021

Every single product on jp.ik’s portfolio of education is ready to welcome Windows 11 and improve its performance on all learning tasks it faces, inside or outside the classroom.
The new modern and fresh Windows experience will maximize productivity and bring people closer to their community and things they love.
From creative spaces to rejuvenated menus, this upgrade changes the way people learn through a PC, consume online content, play games or read the news.

You can also experience the innovative Windows 11 on all jp.ik devices you buy from October 5th on.

Go check the support list and instruction below, and explore the spectacularly new experiences with jp.ik devices!
For previous devices, with Windows 10, Microsoft will provide a free update, according to the device's characteristics.

Find out more about Windows 11 here.


Intel® CPU support list:

* The actual support may be varied based on official release of Windows 11 by Microsoft. Upgrade rollout plan is being finalized and is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue to 2022. Specific timing will vary by device. Certain features require specific hardware,