Classmate PC® program

Classmate PC® program mission

A global ambitious Education project designed to help local regional partners grow their business and profitability through purpose-built Education solutions, specifically developed to address common Education challenges around the world. Let´s collectively build a more sustainable and fairer world to everyone!

Access to sustainable inclusive technology  Personalized training Empowering Educators Increase student engagement


About Classmate PC® 

Classmate PC® is a reference education design created by Intel in 2006, then used by OEM’sworldwide. This reference design devices were built exclusively for children, aimed to allow them to have equal access to information.

Education Reference Design is a solution specially designed for education, containing the unique features that differentiate an education device from the others. It is suitable for a classroom environment and designed to be used by children

Since the first Classmate PC®, jp.ik has been collaborating with Intel and became the main partner in educational projects worldwide. 

In 2017, Intel entrusted us with the Classmate PC® concept and the full process of manufacturing the Education Reference Design.




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