A globalised world brings along challenges that request for investments in the field of Education.
It is crucial to assure the investment in good, comfortable and safe school infrastructures.
Good quality infrastructures are vital for a quality-learning environment, because they promote a better instruction, higher student outcomes and the decrease of the dropout rates, among others.

In this context, the need of building school infrastructures in some regions is still a reality.
Moreover, in some regions schools still lack spaces designed for the 21st century learning environment, such as ICT Labs and flexible instructional spaces designed to engage learners in an immersive learning experience leveraged by technology.
Our PopUp School is a building that can be installed anywhere, responding to the community needs. It is a multipurpose infrastructure. During the day it is a school and in the afternoons, evenings and weekends it is a community center, welcoming the entire surrounding community. 
Our PopUp School is an integrated solution with a simple and fast implementation process and thought as a facilitator of the development of the learning community and the surrounding one.
Developing the PopUp School aimed to respond the need of a resistant and modular infrastructure with a fast and easy installation, prompting the implementation of ICT Labs, which spark experimentation and discovery powered by the integration of meaningful technology for a more fulfilling learning experience.


Modular Construction


Ideal solution for remote regions.
Each unit is portable and easy to assemble and disassemble.
Its modular construction distinguishes itself by a quick and very economical configuration.

Sustainable Unit 

Sustainable and low energy consumption.
Balanced interior temperature and adequate thermal insulation provides a comfortable learning environment.
Insulated coverage, fresh roof and high-efficiency daylight capture systems reduce environmental impact up to 60% of energy use.
Possibility of collecting rainwater for systems and reservoirs
Solar panels – photovoltaic + batteries & chargers.
The inclusion of solar panels makes the community spot a self-sufficient learning environment.
Solar panels produce energy throughout the day with energy storage in the batteries, making the school self-sufficient for nighttime use 100% clean and renewable energy.
The batteries store the photovoltaic energy generated for all periods of use.


Designed for multipurpose use

More than a School, this solution can be used as a training center, a health unit, a cyber center (mobile phones charging stations) or a community center.
100% committed to meeting the needs of communities around the world.

Simple and fast

Quick and simple

Installation between 5 to 7 days. Easy to build, assemble and install.
The modular construction allows to anticipate savings in waste production, in time and in production costs.


Ideal solution for remote regions.

Each unit is portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Its modular construction distinguishes itself by a quick and very economical configuration.
In case of flood, the PopUp School has the advantage of being moved from one place to another.
The type of foundations  allow disassembly and new assembly in safest areas in a short time.


Durability and resistance

Submitted to several tests

It is designed for more aggressive environments:

- Wind (gust) resistance: speed 220km/h
Fire resistance
Impact resistance
- Energy efficient
- Ecologic materials
The most stringent green building criteria for schools with durable and resistant materials.
Base Structure

The structure has been optimized in order to improve the stability of the building as a whole, also reducing the vibrations on the floor.  
Extremely flexible, screw foundations are ideal for areas with restricted access and inclined deployment areas.
It does not need concrete foundations. Screws can be installed to create space between the school floor and soil, creating water flow under the building during floods


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