Education Consultancy and project design


What is Education transformation all about? What is our Theory of Change? How do we plan it? What are the critical ingredients we definitively should not miss? And what is the role of edtech in this complex equation?  

Education Systems, formal learning institutions and education stakeholders worldwide are dealing with the challenging mission of reimagining learning in times of great uncertainty and inequity. Driving education transformation in such demanding times may not be an easy task and there is probably no turning back. In fact, this seems to be already part of our daily routines as educators: to plan for face to face, distance, and hybrid learning scenarios, where both curricula and social and emotional development must go hand in hand. But to deliver quality and equitable learning experiences that enable students to become responsible and committed lifelong learners, citizens, and future workers, depends upon a balanced capacity to design purposeful projects, driven by pedagogy and a strong commitment to a purposeful action.

The service was developed through a deep research to support that process. Particularly, it aims at supporting the design of a comprehensive educational project, taking advantage of digital learning resources. Relying on our experience we help you responding to several critical questions:
- How do we align a project with the Education Masterplan, policies, and strategies to put in place?
- How do we plan for an effective change through the professional development of the local education agents?
- How may we foster students’ educational and career development?
- And what learning resources do we choose to help us reach our purposes?


What does it aim for?

The will help you set clear educational goals and make strategic decisions about the means, the processes, the methods and the people to involve, so that you are able to drive an educational project towards massive and meaningful outcomes. fields of action

  1. Educational Policies and Strategiestargets the design of Education plans that consider the integration of edtech to achieve wider systemic and measurable goals for the development of a learning ecosystem in a specific geography, based on a review of local educational policies and strategies.
  2. Professional Development of Educational Agentstargets the design of strategic plans that consider principles, procedures and content for Professional Development and Training Accreditation in the context of transformative Education Projects with edtech, to develop Teacher Career Status, Continuous PD for Educators, Institutional Leadership and Communities of Practices.
  3. Educational and Career Development targets the design of strategic plans that consider the infusion of critical vocational dimensions in the different levels curriculum and didactic, supported by edtech, to promote a culture of school engagement and studies pursuit that favours the alignment of students’ personal talents and interests with social and economic priorities of a particular geography.
  4. Early Learning – access and quality targets the design of strategic plans for PreK-K Education that consider a relevant skills matrix and an intentional and systematic action upon the analogical and digital resources to favour quality in children’s exploratory endeavours and reinforce critical thinking and media literacy since early age. 
  5. Skills and Learning Processes targets the design of methodological plan for the effective development of transferable skills in the different school levels, through innovative pedagogical strategies that take advantage of edtech, and favours the diversification of learning processes in formal education.  
  6. Educational Technology Resources targets the design of edtech solutions proposals, identifying the most suitable technological means – hardware and software – for specific project implementation, suited to the local requirements and contextual development opportunities.

jp.ik (J.P Sá Couto's BU for Education) is officially Microsoft's Education Global Training Partner (GTP).
Our team members are trained and certified by Microsoft to, on their behalf, facilitate training and professional development actions in 5 specific areas:
- Education Transformation Framework
- Modern Classroom
- Future-ready skills
- Minecraft Education Edition
- Hacking STEM.

Which means that, ik.learning training offer was revised in order to integrate these contents and the respective training materials made available by Microsoft into our strategy.
In this way, trainees who participate in these training actions will now have access to the respective Microsoft certificates, in addition to the jp.ik training certificate and the continuing education teacher accreditation certificate, in the courses they are recognized for. this effect in national territory.
Certainly one more argument for the positioning of our training offer as a perspective of added value in edtech integration projects, in which an approach to professional development of the different educational agents involved should not be disregarded, if there is an effective commitment to educational results a catch up.

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