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MOVE S101r

Learn anywhere, anytime
Age Range: 3-7 years old (Kindergarten and Low Primary)
MOVE S101r is the ideal mobile digital tool for students on the go. The portability of a tablet offers the freedom to take learning outside the classroom and seek knowledge anywhere, anytime.
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Sparkling creative thinking to engage the young learners
Age Range: 3-7 years old (Kindergarten and Low Primary)

MOVE S301 was designed for students’ first years of schooling. This lightweight, portable tablet improves interaction and engagement among young students, while also aiding teachers to better track individual progress. The back cover features LED indicators, which quickly let teachers know if all the devices in the classroom are on and connected to the internet. The operating system Windows 10 offers features for an enhanced user experience like Cortana and Windows Hello.
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Suitable for every learning scenario
Age range: 8-11 years old (Upper Primary)

SLIDE S301 is a 2-in-1 device that combines mobility with the needed productivity to carry out all your tasks. The soft keyboard is easily attached to the tablet, while the kickstand allows the students to set their preferred screen angle. The back-cover features LED indicators, which enable teachers to quickly know if all the devices in the classroom are on and connected to the Internet. By including Windows 10, students can access to a handful of features, such as Cortana and Windows Hello, towards an enhanced user experience.
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Explore and Experiment
Age-range: 12-14 years old | Middle School

This device was designed to help children in their learning journey through the development of key skills of this age range, among them observation, experimentation, creativity, imagination, and expression. Thought for students who are looking for productivity, portability and performance, LEAP T304 was especially designed to be used by the youngsters.

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LEAP W301r

A premium mobile solution for students and teachers
Age Range:15-18 years old | High School and Teachers

This educational device was designed for students with more challenging learning goals and who are looking for performance, productivity and mobility.
In addition, LEAP W301 also meets the needs of teachers regarding the optimization of teaching and management tasks.
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LEAP W501r

Productivity and mobility combined with a powerful processor
Age-range:15-18 years old | High School and Teachers

LEAP W501r  combines a powerful processor with a 14 ”anti-reflection screen and a variety of peripherals (USB, HDMI, VGA) that answer the need to adapt to different learning environments shared by students and teachers
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Designed for a learning Ecosystem
Age range: 16-18 years old (Secondary)
TURN T303, a 360º convertible, was designed to improve mobile learning. The integrated keyboard transforms the tablet into a complete productivity tool for creating and editing content. TURN T303 moves quickly when it comes to media and Internet browsing. It allows differentiated learning experiences among students in the same formal space. Some students may prefer to apprehend the content through more productive and research-based approaches, using all convertible potential, while others prefer to highlight and make notes, using only the tablet mode. TURN T303 is particularly suitable for different subjects, from Mathematics to Arts (STEAM). In addition, TURN T303 has a long battery life and can always be on. The tactile abilities and the entrance of the Active Stylus makes education attractive.
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Forwarding the learning experience
Age Range: +18 years old (University Education / Teacher Pc)

TURN CONNECT T101, a 360º convertible, is a beautifully thin and light laptop that offer multi-day battery life and LTE celular connectivity.
Delivering an always on, always connected superior PC experience that brings innovation and experience.
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The new era of modular computing
Age Range:+18 years old (University Education / Teacher Pc)
TRIGONO XN01 is a convertible laptop based on Intel’s NUC Elements.
A compact and powerful technology that allows to choose the configuration which best fits the needs of the user, whether it’s a device for a student, a teacher or a on the go professional.
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Unplug yourself

Age Range: +18 years old (University Education / Teacher Pc)

TRIGONO V401 was designed for the young spirits and on the go users. With an elegant and light design and a long battery life, this laptop provides a great user experience and performance to keep you on the move with style.


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Unplug yourself

Age Range: +18 years old (University Education / Teacher Pc)
This Trigono new version with a 13,3" touchscreen is here to adapt to the user needs for more productivity, faster processing and a long-lasting battery.

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