General Conditions of Sale

1. General conditions 
1.1. In an international framework, the supply of equipment and components (IT equipment) by JP Sá Couto, SA (hereinafter referred to as jp.ik) is governed by these general conditions of sale, with the exception of anything otherwise expressly agreed to, in writing, with the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the client). 
1.2. Clients are deemed to be aware of these general conditions once they have been informed of the online address where they can be viewed, without prejudice to that information being accompanied by a copy of these general conditions. 
1.3. If clients have previously received these general conditions as part of their business relations with jp.ik, said clients shall, to all intent and purposes, be deemed to be aware of these when they place an Order. 
1.4. Any other conditions that have not been expressly agreed by jp.ik shall not be valid.

2. Orders
2.1. All orders must be made in writing and addressed to the sales department by email. 
2.2. They may also be placed over the phone directly to the Account Manager, provided that there is subsequent confirmation in writing through the means set out in the preceding paragraph.

3. Prices 
The sale price for the client and the payment conditions are set out in jp.ik's pricing supply guidance, in force on the date of placing the order. 

4. Payment 
4.1. Products shall only be delivered on payment and/or following confirmation of the business conditions previously contracted and agreed to. 
4.2. Unless new conditions have been otherwise expressly stated and agreed, a deposit of 30 % must be paid in advance for all orders made.
4.3. All payment methods normally agreed for international business transactions are accepted (including, but not limited to: bank transfers, documented remittances and letters of credit). 
4.4. Any bank transaction that may arise from this international business, in favour of jp.ik, is subject to prior approval (by jp.ik) and, to this end, a draft term of issuance should be made available in good time. 
4.5 In all operations where third parties assure payment of business transactions, the corresponding transport documentation shall be issued in the name of that third party, unless otherwise agreed beforehand. 
4.6. All payments must be made in the currency of the invoice. Any exchange differences resulting from payments made in a different currency shall be invoiced to the client, with an additional 10% charged for administrative costs. 
4.7. All expenses arising from the client’s chosen means of payment are the responsibility of same, including any expenses incurred outside the country of the client. 
4.8. jp.ik reserves the right to accept and/or refuse any third parties involved in any international business operations, taking into account the risk analysis carried out on these at any time. 
4.9. Should jp.ik incur costs arising from the receipt of any sum, this shall be invoiced to the client and debited from their current account, subject to the conditions above and below. 
4.10. The subsequent communication of terms of credit (including, but not limited to fee payment deadlines and credit limits) must not be regarded as permanent and may be changed at any time without prior notice from jp.ik.
4.11. Should any late fees be incurred by the client, jp.ik reserves the right to request the payment of default interest, at the rate legally set out for business transactions, from the date of maturity to the effective date of payment in full. 
4.12. If a client fails to make a designation, jp.ik may allocate any sums paid by the client to offset any pre-existing debts the client may have. 
4.13. Any payment made by the client and which does not cover the amounts that are due shall be allocated to the account, along with any expenses incurred with collection, arrears and interest payable on account of outstanding debts.
4.14. In the event of non-compliance with the agreed payments, the client shall be liable to pay jp.ik for any costs and/or charges arising from possible legal recovery of the debt, including fees owed to Lawyers and/or Enforcement Agents 

5. Right of Ownership 
Ownership of the products provided by jp.ik can only be transferred to the client following full payment of the amount owed and, where applicable, of any interest on arrears and/or compensation. 

6. Deliveries 
6.1. Delivery deadlines are set out in jp.ik’s pricing supply guide, in force on the date of the order and according to the incoterm agreed between jp.ik and the client. 
6.2. The deadlines set out under the preceding paragraph are subject to change in accordance with stock production and/or availability. 
6.2. At the time of delivery of the products, it is the responsibility of the client to carry out a quantitative and qualitative inspection of the items delivered, at which time any anomalies should be recorded on the delivery document. 
6.3. Failure to record any anomalies detected during the inspection provided for in the preceding paragraph shall entitle jp.ik to refuse any claim submitted. 

7. Warranties 
7.1. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the products produced by jp.ik are guaranteed for the period provided for by law. 
7.2. The products produced by jp.ik may receive an extended warranty under the terms established in jp.ik’s pricing supply guidance, in force on the date of the order. 

8. Product Returns and Claims 
8.1. The products produced by jp.ik feature a DOA warranty of 15 (fifteen) days for upon jp.ik invoice date, under the terms established in jp.ik’s pricing supply guidance, in force on the date of the order. 
8.2. The deadlines set out in the preceding paragraph are from the date of issue of the invoice by jp.ik. 
8.3. Under the scope of the warranty, the conditions for returns are established in jp.ik’s pricing supply guidance, in force on the date of the order.
8.4. Any other claims relating to products supplied by jp.ik must be communicated in writing, using the means provided for in paragraph 2, within a maximum period of 5 (five) working days after the date of receiving the goods. 

9. Law and Jurisdiction 
9.1. These general conditions of sale and any additional clauses included in specific supply contracts are governed by Portuguese law. 
9.2. For the resolution of any disputes arising from any supply made, the parties choose the jurisdiction of the District Court of Matosinhos, Portugal, with express waiver of any other.

10. General Provisions 
10.1. These general conditions of sale are available for online consultation, at
10.2. jp.ik reserves the right to either accept a client under the abovementioned conditions or to indicate the conditions required.

11. Privacy Policy
jp.ik is a brand. The respects your privacy. Information on our Privacy Policy is available at