Learn anywhere, anytime
MOVE S101 is the ideal mobile digital tool for students on the go. The portability of a tablet offers the freedom to take learning outside the classroom and seek knowledge anywhere, anytime.
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2 solutions, 1 device
SLIDE S201t is a 2 in 1 device designed to offer students a flexible learning tool they can carry anywhere. lt swiftly goes from laptop to tablet enabling a more personalized and engaging learning experience to suit each student while promoting a more collaborative environment in the classroom.
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High performance and functionality
LEAP T303 presents itself as a classic laptop form factor to offer students the performance and functionality needed for a more productive user experience. To the power and stability we added longevity with a battery that lasts more than 8 hours, allowing students to work continuously the whole school day and accomplish more.
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TURN T302r

Boosting the student experience
TURN T302r was designed to offer the best interactive learning experience. This 360º convertible laptop has a high-resolution touch screen with palm rejection and an active stylus pen for a smoother, faster and more intuitive use. The long battery life allows students to work continuously the whole school day, and the fast charge feature charges the device to 70% in just one hour, avoiding loss of time.
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Powerful solution for a blended learning environment
LEAP W501 provides educators with all the digital tools to foster a student-centered learning experience. This laptop enables teachers to create blended learning environments and a more personalized teaching – learning process in order to prepare students with the 21st century skills necessary to tackle the challenges of the modern workforce.
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Do you need a customized solution?

We are more than a brand of high-quality products. Alongside our standard range of devices, we offer to our business partners specifically designed devices in order to meet the requirements of specific made-to-measure concepts. Our team of experts develops complete solutions that are tailor-made to suit the wishes and needs of our partners. Since the early development stage, we work closely with our partners to carry out ideal results.

If you need a tailored solution for an ICT-based education project, please contact us. Our commitment is to develop the best solution for your education project!
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