educational software

ikES 2.0 was designed to inspire and promote learning, providing new opportunities for current and future generations. This software package provides all the tools necessary to support teachers in the classroom and engage students in learning activities. ikES 2.0 supports teachers in creating classroom environments and personalized learning experiences that promote student success.
Thinking about students, ikES 2.0 provides 21st century skills development such as collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and digital literacy. In addition, this educational software provides the development of fundamental skills, including conscious citizenship or intercultural communication.

Empowering a learning experience based on the STEAM approach is vital and, in order to achieve it, the integration of technology in the classroom implies the development of support mechanisms that empower teachers and engage students. 

ik Classroom Management | Classroom control and management software
McAfee | Complete vírus protection
CloudLabs |  Virtual STEM Laboratory
LabCamera | Webcam based natural science exploration laboratory
ArtRage | Digital drawing application
Ubbu| Codding Software

The ikES software package can only be bought if you also acquire a  jp.ik device. 
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