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Contributing for a sustainable world is the force that drives our daily work in jp.ik. For that, we believe technology is an enabler in terms of accessing and transferring knowledge.
Therefore, technology is powerful in making Education accessible to everyone everywhere. We believe that through Education, it is possible to build authentic Knowledge Societies and, consequently, a more sustainable and fair world to everyone!
This spirit of mission drives us every single day!


Since 2008, jp.ik has led an ICT-based pioneer Education initiative.
The knowledge acquired in projects developed all over the world make jp.ik the reference partner to create, integrate and foster best practices in the use of Education technology.

jp.ik is present in more than 70 countries, having already led the implementation of more than 20 large-scale education projects with an impact to date on more than 16 million students.
The integrated initiative developed by jp.ik - "Inspiring Knowledge Ecosystem" – consists of three key pillars of a technology-based education project - Technology, Engineering and Pedagogy - as part of an education project with a long-term impact.
With this educational ecosystem, jp.ik distributes more than technology, ensuring the transfer of knowledge as a key success factor, supporting the sustainable development of communities.

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The jp.group is a Portuguese business group, with an international presence and which primarily operates in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, but also in complementing areas that reinforce and enhance the value of the solutions offered to the market.
With in-depth and extensive knowledge and experience in the technological sector at a local and global level, the jp.group includes a diversified series of businesses, spread over the areas of Education, Distribution, Services and Investments.
The action of the jp.group is driven by a strong set of values – Ambition, Humility, Persistence, Integrity and Change – always seeking to meet the real needs of its clients. 
The successful results achieved throughout our history speak for us!
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