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Over thirty years ago the brothers João Paulo and Jorge Sá Couto began their adventure in the technological universe. JP Sá Couto started with a premium technical assistance service that later on moved forward to the Distribution sector. Today we represent more than one hundred of the best technological brands of the world.
In mid-2000s the experience, knowledge and long-lasting relationships with partners recognized worldwide, such as Microsoft and Intel, resulting from our work in the area of Distribution, gave us the opportunity to fly even higher.
In 2008 we pioneered the development of technology especially designed for education and we implement the very first large-scale ICT education project in Portugal, which still is considered the biggest project in Europe.
The expertise and know-know gave us the opportunity to diversify our offer and have driven us into becoming increasingly specialised in practice areas, such as project procurement; project design; industrial consultancy; educational assessment; training and professional development;  assessment and impact analysis, among other. 
In this way, our technological projects jump start with education and move forward into the digital transformation of the societal sectors of a nation, catalysing an authentic e-governance as a development process. 
Nevertheless, our track record showed us that we interconnect our practice areas for the implementation of our technological projects around the world.


Since 2008 jp.ik, the business unit for Education of JP Sá Couto, has led a pioneering Education initiative based on technology applied to Education.
jp.ik is present in more than 70 countries, having already led the implementation of more than 20 large-scale educational projects, reached more than 16 million students and capacitated more than 300 thousand teachers.
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Founded by JP Sá Couto in January 2017, jp.group is a Portuguese business group, with a solid international presence and whose business activity takes place mainly in the sector of information and communication technologies.
With a deep knowledge and experience in the technological sector at local and global levels, jp.group integrates a diverse set of businesses in the areas of Education, Distribution, Services and Investments.
The performance of jp.group is oriented by a strong set of values - Ambition, Humility, Persistence, Integrity and Change - always seeking to meet the real needs of its customers.
The successes achieved throughout our history speak for us!
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