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Bett 2018: Transforming Education for a better World

Every year, in January the world’s education community descends in the ExCel in London to attend Bett and have the opportunity to get to know in first-hand the very newest technological solutions especially designed for Education.
This year for jp.ik was a very special event. This year jp.ik celebrates its 10º anniversary in the field of Education. There are ten years of expertise, challenges, amazing experiences and best practices that build up jp.ik to become unquestionably the number one in implementing large-scale education projects, benefiting more than 15 million students and empowering more than 300 thousand teachers all around the world.

For this reason, this year, at Bett, in London, jp.ik launched its global brand for Education, JP, which stands out for jp.ik’s solutions, which will continue to transform the educational paradigm and revolutionize the way students learn.
Therefore, jp.ik seized the first day of Bett, the first and biggest event of the year dedicated to technology specifically developed for education, to celebrate the arrival of JP brand. At five o’clock on the first day of the event, many of the partners joined the jp.ik team to commemorate the arrival of the new JP brand with a Port of Honor.

The JP brand arrives with two product lines for two market segments. The JP Classmate PC® range, developed for K-12, aims to embrace the world market by providing specially designed devices for Education. In the first quarter of the year, two of the devices featured are the JP Classmate PC® LEAP T303 and the JP Classmate PC® TURN T302r. In turn, the JP TRIGONO range was designed to reflect the active lives of university professors and students and its main markets are Europe, USA and Latin America. In this first quarter of the year comes the JP TRIGONO V401 to provide an excellent user experience, guiding a more effective interaction with the device. Windows 10 S integration improves user experience, performance, and productivity; factors crucial to education.

With this celebration at Bett, jp.ik announces to the world the arrival of JP, its global brand for Education and holds the veil over what will be the year 2018, which promises to be an unforgettable year for the jp.ik team.
As Jorge Sá Couto, Chairman of jp.ik, emphasizes, “We quickly became leaders in the implementation of large-scale educational projects and now we are number one in implementing large-scale education projects.” Our experience and boldness allow us to get further and further and do what no one else does. The arrival of the JP brand marks a new level of our journey, and we believe it is time to share and that is why the JP brand was born!
The 24 is the first day of Bett and the last day of the EWF, so many of the EWF ministerial participants visit Bett to observe and experience the latest and most innovative education technologies announced at this event.

On Friday, jp.ik received the visit from Baroness Gloria Hooper, who came to visit our stand. After receiving the invitation to visit jp.ik at Bett, Baroness Gloria Hooper, Member of the House of Lords for the Conservative Party, was delighted with the Popup School and its ability to respond to the scarcity of quality infrastructures.

This four-day event, the first of the year, proves to be an excellent opportunity to meet with potential public and private partners and long-term partners. Bett is also an incredible stage to present the latest and most innovative solutions developed for education.

In close collaboration with Microsoft, Maria Fisher, an ICT teacher and certified educator at Microsoft, was at jp.ik’s booth for four days to demonstrate the potential of Microsoft 10 S and to answer any questions. In addition, JP Classmate PC® LEAP T303 and JP Trigono V401 for demonstration were displayed at the Microsoft stand. In fact, Windows 10 S integration improves user experience, performance and productivity, which is crucial for Education.
That is why jp.ik supports Windows 10 S and Pro on these new devices, allowing the user to regain control of the device using the fingerprint sensor.
In recognition of this close collaboration, Anthony Salcito, Microsoft’s Vice President for Education, visited the jp.ik booth on Wednesday morning.

Of this edition, some of the keywords that mark the trends for this year are the augmented reality; collaboration; creativity STEM; based learning; real-world science; connect, engage, learn; Communication; troubleshooting; train educators: inspire students; immersive learning environment; learning studio; and classroom of the future.

After this four-day event, one of the main ideas is that teachers are faced with the growing demands of students in the digital field, the need to innovate and develop highly immersive and interactive learning environments.
After four days, it is clear education is at a decisive turning point. However, as the challenges arising from a growing labor skills gap, the opportunities brought by technology point to a single path: transforming education for the next generations. 

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