Collaborative classroom-learning solution

Aligned with the pedagogical principles, ik Classroom Management (ikCM) arrives to revolutionize how the 21st century teacher and student engage and build knowledge.

Screen Sharing
Share screen with the class or choose a student’s screen to share.

Thumbnail monitoring
Keep an eye on students’ activity trough a thumbnail view of students’ screens

Screen Lock
Lock the access to technology when students’ attention is needed to mitigate the risk of disengagement

Distribution and collection
Allowing both teachers and students to share and collect files, optimizing collaborative learning tasks

Tech Console
Enable your IT admin to deliver remote technical support

Design and easily manage formative assessments to acknowledge students’ comprehension.

Allows real time feedback and manages class discussions

Student Journal
A complete record of all activity regarding homework, lessons and revisions

Question and answer
Assess student interest and comprehension


ikCM is the award-winning, market-leading classroom software solution that assists teachers with a wealth of dedicated assessing, monitoring, collaborating and controlling features to guarantee they can get the very best from their ICT equipment.

With a simple and intuitive interface, ik Classroom Management represents the technological implementation of a classroom adapted to the current pedagogical challenges.

Through monitoring, interaction, control, management and diagnosis tools, it motivates and engages student’s attention, while maintaining focus on meaningful learning processes.


ik.CM is a collaborative classroom-learning solution that enhances overall classroom productivity, fostering interactivity and collaborative student work, and enabling teachers to access tools to organize, send and receive lessons, manage assessments, and control student activity.

  • Control and manage the classroom
  • Promote collaborative work and communication
  • Improve students’ engagement