The Concept

The Community Learning Centre (CLC) is a robust multipurpose solution with a simple and fast implementation process. Its implementation aims to empower communities towards economic development and social transformation, connecting them to the world. More than a school, the Community Learning Centre answers a community´s primary needs by being ready to provide health services, promoting lifelong learning programs and hosting civic services.


Linking rural communities to the entire globe

Considering the lack of elemental structures and utilities in rural areas, many rural regions lack broadband access, which narrows their ability to thrive in the modern digital economy. The Airband Initiative is committed in making affordable broadband access real for communities around the world.

The infrastructure

Good quality infrastructures are essential for a high-quality learning environment due to the opportunity of leveraging a better instruction, higher learner outcomes, the decrease of the dropout rates, and, in the long run, economic development and social transformation.

Simple & Fast

Quick and simple installation, as it takes between 5 to 7 days to build, assemble and install. The modular construction allows to anticipate savings in waste production, in time and in production costs.


Ideal solution for remote regions – each unit is portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Its modular construction distinguishes itself by a quick and very economical configuration.
In case of flooding or other natural disasters, the type of foundations allow disassembly and new assembly in safest areas in a short time.

Submitted to several tests

CLC’s structure is prepared for aggressive environments.

  • Wind (gust) resistance: speed 220km/h
  • Fire resistance
  • impact resistance
  • Energy efficient
  • Ecologic materials

Base Structure

The structure has been optimized in order to improve the stability of the building as a whole, also reducing the vibrations on the floor.

Extremely flexible

Screw foundations are ideal for areas with restricted access and inclined deployment areas. It does not need concrete foundations.


Balanced interior temperature and adequate thermal insulation provides a comfortable learning environment. Insulated coverage, fresh roof and high-efficiency daylight capture systems reduce environmental impact up to 60% of energy use.


The inclusion of solar panels makes CLC a self-sufficient learning environment. Solar panels produce energy throughout the day with energy storage in the batteries, making the school self-sufficient for nighttime use.

Designed for multipurpose use

Much more than a school, the Community Learning Centre aims to meet the community´s primary needs by being ready to provide health services (such as infant vaccination); promote lifelong learning programs (such as sustainable farming practices); and hosting civic services (such as electoral acts).

Meeting the community’s needs

  • In Peru, CLC fostered the decrease of dropout rates;
  • In Colombia, it aimed to secure the retention of students with deviant behavior;
  • In Ivory Coast, the main purpose was to promote teachers’ professional development;
  • In Jordan, it was established to reduce the gender gap and engage girls with STEM initiatives and experiences.

The world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative

Access to quality, transformational and universal education, and through it, promoting economic development and social transformation of communities; and connecting them to the entire globe.
Puerto Rico
Ivory Coast
South Africa
East Timor

CLC Design Features

The Community Learning Centre was tested and certified by Ensatec, an internationally recognized laboratory and specialist in Technological Testing

01. Capacity

With a maxium capacity of 30 students, the infrastructure was designed with the latest pedagogical trends in top-of-mind and considering the various classroom layouts.

02. Frontage

The materials of the five windows and the door have been selected to guarantee greater thermal and acoustic comfort and more security.

03. Ventilation

Ventilation and air renewal are ensured through various systems, ensuring good air quality, thermal efficiency and total comfort.

04. Structure

Metal structure produced with industrialized elements guarantees a good index of quality and greater rigor. Architectural flexibility, reducing execution time, minimizing loads on foundations and optimizing the combined floor area at a competitive price.

05. Walls & Roof

The walls and roof are built in Sandwich Panel. Excellent thermal insulation, simple and fast implementation, a high standard continuity of isolation and a good watertightness enhanced a high cycle life.

06. Foudation

The foundations system is implemented using bolts similar to piles. The application of the screw causes a lateral landslide with a compaction guaranteed for greater stability.

07. Pavement

Sub-base: Composite decking
Base: Non-slip flooring for improved student safety

08. Electrical Installation

Protective electric panel, sockets and switches.

09. Optionals

Fire Detection;
Exterior Lighting;
Solar System;
Air Conditioner;
Exterior Decoration in Vinyl.

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