Learn to code with step-by-step challenges

The Kano app empowers anyone to make, learn, and play with technology.

Step-by-Step Challenges
Access to hundreds more activities, challenges and guided videos delivered by Kano experts

Explore Coding
Learn how to code since day one

Social Interaction
Social community of thousands of Kano creators all over the world

Make Art
Learn how to make stunning pieces of art with code


Kano solution is designed to be simple to use in order to support many young people in taking the first steps into exploring coding and digital technology. With Kano you can access to a huge international community of creators sharing their work for other users to explorer in a safe and moderated space.

What’s included in KANO
Through Kano Club you can gain access to exclusive projects and tutorials to actively teach you to code and be creative with digital technology. Learn how to code and create art, games, music, animations, apps and more. You will also have early access to new creative tools.

Make Art
Includes endless challenges based on coding so you can learn how to code visually and stunning art pieces. It allows you to type in a programming language called CoffeeScript to turn a drawing into a digital piece of art!


KANO CODE: Learn to code with step-by-step challenges. Control coding kits, conquer challenges, create, and learn with simple steps and videos showing how to drag code blocks, use loops, logic, and variables. With the support of all resources available in Kano Club, you can learn how to make music, animations, games, and interactive art. Once you master all the basics, the sky is your limit. Develop your own creations with stickers and sound libraries. It’s simple for beginners but expansive for experts. 

  • Increased motivation and improved test scores among students
  • Engaging instruction and easier classroom preparation for teachers
  • Effective use of technology in schools