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“Intel and jp.ik are very committed in support of the UN and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals” – Steven A. Long

In the last years intel® and jp.ik have implemented together large-scale educations projects, which transformed educational systems around the world. How do you comprehend this adventure?

jp.ik has been a valued customer of Intel for over 30 years. Our education transformation journey began in 2008 when Intel and jp.ik partnered with the government of Portugal on the Magalhães’ project. This project introduced PCs to over 500,000 students in Portugal and sparked large-scale technology led education projects around the world. Some key lessons from the Magalhães’ project can be appointed. For instance, the value of delivering the right device for education as part of a holistic end-to-end solution designed to address the unique challenges of various education markets and the importance of proper teacher professional development to ensure teachers know how learning can be enhanced with technology. In addition, we can highlight the importance of offering full solutions that include hardware, software and content, as well as the importance of government policy to support education transformation.

From there, we worked together on many new projects with a goal of transforming education throughout the world. We have teamed with jp.ik to help empower teachers and drive better student outcomes that in turn has opened up a world of new possibilities for student success. Every deployment is different just like every student is differente, so we need to consider all the factores required to ensure that education transformation projects are going to be successfully deployed, managed, and sustained over time. One such partnerships with local universities to go beyond the classroom to drive human capital development and economic growth in both urban and rural communities. In the context of our collaboration with a broader learning ecosystem we are able to bring to students of all ages the skills & digital tools necessary for them to succeed in a global economy.

Intel and jp.ik share a commitment towards the Education 2030 Agenda. How it was to design and develop the educational projects framework in order to actively contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals’ achievement?

Intel and jp.ik are very committed in support of the UN and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals – where a Quality Education is one of the key pillars. We see the impact of this commitment being potentially considerable over the next decade given that over 190 countries are working together on the achievement of these common goals.

Intel and jp.ik are taking an active role by working with key partners and country leaders to support both the UN’s education and development goals.

In these past years, Intel has leading the Education Reference Design field and jp.ik has been the trusted partner in this amazing journey. How has been to work closely with jp.ik?

jp.ik has been a great partner to work with because we share the same values, to develop education technology solutions that improve the lives of students, teachers and educators around the world. Intel had a mission to develop a technology solution that was purpose-built for Education and specifically designed to address many of the issues specific to classrooms and education environments around the world – designing in features to address: rugged/durable hardware, software and applications designed to support education curriculum/pedagogy, secure manageability, funcionality to address lack of or minimal connectivity, etc.

We have achieved a maturity stage in the market where we believe partners like jp.ik can continue to evolve and bring new and increasingly more capable solutions to the education market.

We will continue to support these efforts by working with our partners to integrate additional Intel based technologies like our Intel Unite® software for collaboration, Intel® vPro™, Intel® RealSense™ cameras and capabilities around VR, AI and robotics. It is really exciting to think about what these new technology capabilities will bring to the next generation of students.



Steven A. Long is Vice President, Intel Sales and Marketing Group & General Manager of CCG Sales. He joined Intel in the early 2000s and he has held a breadth of positions across sales, marketing, product planning, pricing and operations. He began his Intel career in California as a product & pricing market analyst. In 2004, he spent a year in Hong Kong managing the operations team responsible for Intel’s business in Asia. In 2005, Steve moved to Brazil to lead Intel’s reseller channel team. Subsequently, he took over responsibility for all Latin America sales activities. He moved back to the United States in 2008 and managed multinational accounts in the Intel Americas sales organization. In 2010, Steve returned to Brazil in the role of General Manager of Latin America region. He joined SMG staff & relocated to Portland in 2016, leading SMG’s largest transformation effort. Steve was announced as the GM for CCG sales in October 2017. Prior to joining Intel, Steve was a wirelless communications market analyst at Nortel Networks.

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