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It’s time to sketch!

A new week has begun and one more chapter of this at-home family journey is being written for many of us around the world. How are you all doing so far?! We hope you are having a great time with yours, despite all the challenges this situation is bringing to our lives.

During the previous weeks we’ve been sharing some tips to help you smile and rise smiles and wow family moments, while learning about diverse topics and tools.

Did you peek at Ok Go! videos, travel with The Story Bots and join the magic characters of ubbu in the world of computers? It is still worth the time if you didn’t have the opportunity to explore them yet, even though you might be eager to navigate the suggestions we are coming up with this week.

This time, we’ll invite you to sketch with your loved ones. Will you be an inspiring Picasso, a meticulous da Vinci or an ingenious Einstein? Let’s find out! Look around, have a deep breath of inspiration and play with the set of digital colour pencils, crayons, brushes, watercolours and paint oils available in the fantastic ArtRage painting software you can try here for free or use it endlessly as a tool that’s part of jp.ik educational software bundle (ikes).

ArtRage will allow you to either draw and paint on a black canvas or photoshop any uploaded image, selecting from a huge range of tools that digitally reproduce diverse painting techniques. But it doesn’t only enable you to do arts and design-oriented tasks; it recognises drawing and painting as an important means of engagement, representation, action and expression, allowing for personally meaningful learning experiences and an effective STEAM approach.

Are you curious enough to move on exploring our activity suggestions for anyone above 3 years old?! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

And here they are:

  • Support your younger kids’ exploration and comprehension of concepts and processes they might be learning about, inviting them to draw animals or shapes, to create an illustrated dictionary, to draw numbers and the correspondent quantities, to illustrate simple arithmetic operations, to represent fractions, to draw the water cycle or the solar system, and so on.
  • Illustrate anything you’ve experienced as a memory of it, from a book you’ve read, a virtual visit you’ve done, a music you’ve listened to…

  • Deep dive in virtual visits to museums and recreate your favourite works of art, exploring the most accurate painting techniques used by the selected artists in their original works.
  • Or play a guess what game with the ones that are physically or virtually connected to you; you may play with objects, places, concepts, books, songs, films or artists based on what you’ve drawn and the painting techniques you’ve chosen.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these drawing and painting challenges. So, who did you find after all? Your inner Picasso, da Vinci, Einstein? Who else?

Keep on sketching and we’ll meet again next week!


Contribution by:
Ana Mouta, Ana Paulino and Inês Sá Couto are Pedagogy Specialists at jp.ik.

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