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jp.ik announces changes in the organizational structure

Nick Broda joined the company in 2006 and he has carried various positions and responsibilities, such as Product Manager and Purchasing Manager. Latterly, Nick Broda was the Regional Business Manager for the African continent.
From 1996 to 2004, Nick Broda worked in the specialised retail as Head of Sales. Later on, he joined the IT sector as Head of Purchasing, when he was invited to join jp.ik as Product Manager.

In addition, jp.ik informs that António Correia has ceased last November as Regional Business Manager for the Latin American region. José Novais and Nelson Pereira have joined jp.ik team as Regional Business Managers.

José Novais, responsible for the relations and businesses in South America region, is graduated in Foreign Relations. Strongly oriented to the commercial and sales areas, as well as consulting and project management, he advised national and international companies in international development processes for the markets of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.
For his turn, Nelson Pereira, accountable for the trades and partners’ relations in the Central America and Caribbean regions, is post graduated in International Businesses and he has more than fifteen years of experience in the trading area in distinctive markets, both nationally and internationally.

jp.ik is now dedicated to the expansion of the sales team aiming to nurture our consolidated position in regions, such as Latin America, to strengthen our ascending position in the African continent, and forge closer ties with key partners in the Asian continent.

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