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jp.ik announces partnership with Intel to further invest in learning experiences

The Intel® Skills for Innovation Initiative (Intel® SFI) is part of a broader effort, led by Intel, to support education systems in considering and recognizing the importance of technology in building resilient learning methods and in preparing students for the workforce of the future.

jp.ik, one of the major players in the edtech field providing turnkey solutions for education stakeholders, today announces a partnership with the Intel Skills for Innovation Initiative (Intel SFI). Through this partnership, jp.ik will be leveraging Intel® SFI to train educators to reach their full potential through a technology-supported, skills-based approach. The Intel® SFI will help teachers apply technology more effectively in their curriculum, further empowering them to own and lead learning experiences. The announcement of the partnership is the result of a certification of jp.ik to deploy Intel® SFI worldwide as a key part of any edtech project. An initiative that is already running in 27 countries and its content is translated into 13 languages.


Since the first deployed edtech project, jp.ik has acknowledged the major importance of teachers adopting technology inside the classroom. Since then, one of our major goals has been to empower educators with tools, content, and cutting-edge technology to improve learning outcomes by providing learning experiences which are more engaging and diverse.


The future demands a new set of skills. For hundreds of years, educators have used books, paper, and pencils. New technology resources need to be just as reliable, just as easy to use, and be able to provide richer experiences. Our mission is to provide a best-in-class learning environment for our students. This initiative will upskill the virtual learning platform’s 1-on-1 coding and math teachers in education methods that encourage increased student engagement” said Jorge Sá Couto, jp.ik Chairman. “Our teachers are already incredible at their profession, and we believe that ongoing investment in their growth is the key to ensuring we continue to meet this goal”.


If we can find ways to encourage the development of advanced mindsets such as design thinking and computational thinking, or skillsets such as programming and coding, and familiarize students with data science and AI tools, then we will be encouraging students to practice higher-level cognitive skills, applying, analysing, evaluating, and creating. To get there, it is essential to consider the specific devices that teachers and students are using because not every device can run these workloads effectively.


This partnership with Intel® SFI PD, we will further enhance and upskill teachers in areas such as microlearning, gamification, and diverse teaching techniques, as well as strengthening communication with parents. This will enable teachers to enhance the platform’s personalized approach by breaking down larger problems into small chunks, adding gaming elements to math and coding courses, and introducing new techniques such as Observe, Wait & Learn (OWL) and virtual whiteboard use to make learning more interactive, effective, and tailored to students’ needs.


Intel is proud to support jp.ik with Intel SFI, helping teachers infuse technology into everyday learning and teaching to help ensure that today’s students will be equipped with skills for the technology-driven workforce of the future” said Cigdem Ertem, Intel’s Global Director for Education and Public Sector Sales. “As a technology leader, Intel is proud to bring industry-leading expertise and training to educators as they empower students for a challenging future“.


The world of education is ever-changing, and the Intel® SFI PD courses will allow our teachers to continue to evolve their skills and support each student’s development to build the critical skills required in a rapidly changing global workplace. If we look at how technology is used today, what we find is that current usages primarily stimulate development of skills on the lower levels of the Bloom’s Taxonomy ladder, namely remembering and understanding. We know that technology has much more to offer.

About Intel® skills for Innovation Initiative

Intel® SFI Professional Development Suite helps train teachers to use technology in effective, new ways to prepare students for the jobs of the future. Modular training meets teachers where they are on their technology adoption journey to help them build skills and confidence, while ready-to-use materials and resources simplify implementation.

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