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jp.ik supports the National Science Competitions 2017

The promotion of the CNCs aims to boost the fight against school failure and dropout, the development of students’ scientific knowledge and the promotion of the taste for knowledge. In addition, the NCCs intend to promote the use of technology in the context of learning and the dissemination of knowledge catapulted by a constant challenge.

In the context of the National Science Competitions, jp.ik has entered into a partnership with the University of Aveiro / PmatE in order to support the event through which it offered eight prizes for the competitions of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles of education.


The 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle National Science Competitions, which brought together thousands of young people at the University of Aveiro, took place on May 8, 9 and 10. Each of these competition days was closed with an award ceremony.

In this edition, the Pedagogical, Scientific and Technological Complex was transformed into a Competition Arena, where thousands of students tested their knowledge in mathematics, Portuguese, chemistry, physics, geology, biology and financial literacy.

jp.ik was present at the Jury’s Panel for the Awards Ceremony for the winners of the 1st cycle marked on the first day of this great competition.
On this first day dedicated to the 1st cycle students, the winners of the three competitions were Colégio Nossa Senhora do Rosário, Jardim Escola João de Deus and Externato Liceal Paulo VI.
The second day of competitions dedicated to 2nd cycle students, the big winners of the competitions were Escola Básica Dr. Flávio Gonçalves, Externato Liceal Paulo VI, Escola Básica Soares dos Reis and Escola Básica dos 2º e 3º ciclos Francisco Torrinha.
The third and last day of competitions was directed to the 3rd cycle students and the winners were the Casa Mãe School, the Internato dos Carvalhos School, the José Estevão High School, the Santa Maria de Lamas High School and the Paços de Ferreira High School.


During these three days the University of Aveiro opened its doors to thousands of students with dozens of activities designed to explore knowledge and learning, including experiments, shows, laboratory initiatives, lectures, field trips and exhibitions. jp.ik considers the participation in these events essential, as these events materialize the power of Education in the community.
In this way, jp.ik believes that Education is the core engine in promoting global sustainable development.
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