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jp.ik at the “must go to” high level ministerial event in Africa

If the committed goal of jp.ik is to work settled on collaborative networks and synergies for the meaningful integration of technology in education, aiming to actively empowering communities around the world towards economic development and social transformation and connecting them to the world, this is the event to be!
For three days, Innovation Africa brought together Ministers of Education, ICT, Innovation, Digital Skills and Transformation and high-level Governmental Representatives from Africa, as well as key players of the industry.

Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan and Zimbabwe are among the African Countries represented in this ninth edition of Innovation Africa.
For jp.ik, Innovation Africa is the referral forum for debating, sharing and outlining possible directions through which together, government and industry, can catalyse a sustainable and inclusive development.

jp.ik aims for sustainability, for inclusion, for development; and education is an undeniable catalyst and technology can leverage this transformation. That is why, at the African Leaders Day, Ana Paulino, Pedagogy Specialist, and André Pinto, Regional Business Manager for jp.ik, went on stage to share our approach for sustainable technological projects that foster growth through education and Pedagogy’s strategic role to leverage education changemakers’ transformation, fostering professional development and social transformation of the community.

Considering this perspective, during African Leaders Day’s presentation, jp.ik took the audience into a brief journey into the Digital Literacy Programme in Kenya, highlighting the impact of ICT in teachers’ pedagogical practices.
The Digital Literacy Programme’s accomplishment comes from a committed collaborative synergy between Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kenya, Ministry of Information, Communication Technology of Kenya, ICTA, KICD, Teachers Service Commission, Moi University and jp.ik.

The afternoons of the second and third day were fulfilled with one-one meetings between of Innovation Africa, Ministers of Education, ICT, Innovation and Digital Skills Transformation, high level governmental Representatives and industry partners. These meetings are important moments in order to share their approaches, visions, challenges, priorities, best practices and needs of the different countries represented in this event.

On the last day of Africa’s Official Ministerial Summit, jp.ik started the second round of Panel Sessions. André Pinto, Regional Business Manager, moderated the Panel Session on Investing in Africa’s ICTs for Digital Skills & Transformation.
Honorable Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, Minister of Communications of Ghana, Honorable Abdullahi Bile Noor, Minister of State for Post, Telecommunications & Technology of Somalia, Honorable Mamadi Camara, Deputy Minister of Information & Communications of Sierra Leone, and His Excellency Prof. Pedro Teta, Executive Director Sovereign Wealth Fund  & Former State Secretary for ICT of Angola, committed to share the challenges, priorities and needs regarding this topic, joined this Panel Session on the need of competences aiming to respond the inevitable and undeniable digital transformation.

In short, if the purpose of participating in this type of events is to trigger cooperative networks and collective effort for the meaningful integration of technology in education, Innovation Africa is, without a doubt, the event to be, connect, and engage.

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