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jp.ik participates in the 18th edition of Virtual Educa

Virtual Educa is a multidisciplinary initiative whose focus is the promotion of good practices in Innovation applied to Education with the aim of actively contributing to social transformation and sustainable development.
Created in 2001 by the Organization of American States (OAS), this multilateral initiative is a forum for the exchange of experiences and good practices in the context of building authentic knowledge societies.

For the second time, Colombia hosted the International Meeting of Virtual Educa that this year marked its eighteenth edition. From June 13rd to 16th Bogotá was the capital of Innovation for Education as a catalyst for social transformation.

The Minister for Information and Communication Technologies David Luna hosted the Inaugural Ceremony and, on behalf of the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, highlighted the relevance of the technological interconnection with Education for a quality Education in order to promote quality education, that is, accessible to all.
In his speech, David Luna shared that, on that first day of this International Meeting, this message takes on a more special importance.
The Secretary for Development of the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Neil Parsan and General Secretary of Virtual Educa Juan María Anton also participated in the Inaugural Ceremony of this 18th International Meeting of Virtual Educa.

Once again, jp.ik, a member of the Board of Trustees of Virtual Educa, was present at this amazing event in the context of promoting innovative educational projects.
In the framework of this 18th edition of Virtual Educa, jp.ik made two great moments in this Meeting of Technological Innovation for Education.On the morning of the second day of the event, jp.ik joined the panel of speakers of the Multilateral Forum dedicated to the discussion and exchange of experiences in the field of good practices in public-private cooperation.
For one hour the speakers shared experiences and challenges inherent in the formalization of public-private partnerships aimed at implementing national initiatives.
In this Forum, jp.ik presented the first educational project implemented in Portugal. The development of this pioneering project was driven by cooperation between public and private entities.
This public-private cooperation was attended by national telecommunications companies. In addition, this cooperation allowed many Portuguese families to have access to a computer for the very first time, which makes this project, even today, a revolutionary educational project. Also participated in this Forum, among others, the Colombian company Aulas Amigas, Oracle, Genius Plaza and Lego Education.
On the third day, jp.ik, together with RENATA – National Academic Network and Advanced Technologies, participated in a Plenary Cooperative Session with the goal of sharing our mission and vision in the Education segment. In this session, jp.ik presented some of our Education projects with the purpose of sharing evidence of the transformative impact that technology has on the learning experience and on the construction of knowledge in the 21st century.

The brand for Education mymaga was also present in the 2017 edition of the International Meeting of Virtual Educa within the framework of the partnership established between jp.ik and Ricoh for the distribution of technological equipment mymaga designed for Education in the Latin American region.
This presence in collaboration with Ricoh Latin America marks the beginning of the partnership in the distribution of computer equipment for educational purposes in this region of the planet.


For jp.ik, these Meetings promoted by Virtual Educa are excellent forums for establishing contacts with governmental agents with the aim of triggering cooperation with these groups in the implementation of national initiatives of Technology Based Education.
In addition, these events are also excellent forums for the exhibition and dissemination of our activity, in particular, our most emblematic educational projects, which in turn reflect our vision of disseminating quality education.Thus, during four days several governmental entities visited our stand. In this fourth edition of Inspire, an interview was published with the Colombian Minister of Information and Communication Technologies David Luna, which underlines the importance of technology to leverage the education system.
The Senator of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, principal mentor of the QUIPUS project, Nelida Sifuentes, also attended the jp.ik’ s stand, taking the opportunity to address the surprising evolution of this educational project implemented in Bolivia.
During this brief visit, Senator Nélida Sifuentes also received the new edition of the magazine Inspire as a sign of gratitude for her collaboration for reserving some of her time for an interview through which explains the evolution of the Bolivian educational project and evolution Of the Bolivian Society in terms of digital literacy.
A delegation of governmental agents from Peru also visited jp.ik’s stand with the goal of holding a brief meeting through which they could learn about our technological equipment designed specifically for Education and better understand the articulation and importance of the Inspiring Knowledge Ecosystem In the process of designing and developing a national education initiative.
The final numbers of this Meeting express its enormous success. For four days, this International Meeting gathered about 30,000 attendees and more than 25,000 views of live broadcasts were transmitted through Virtual Educa YouTube’s channel. There were also more than one hundred workshops. As for the participation of government agents, 31 members of the Latin American Parliament and 42 secretaries of Education and ICT from all Latin America participated in this event.

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