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Let STEAM fuel your learning routes: 10 Great Movies for the STEM Classroom

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10 great movies for the stem classroom.


Common Sense is a non-profit organisation that supports parents and educators dealing with the challenging digital world through research-based recommendations. To deal with kids’ media lives is a must they embrace with care. Their reviews and suggestions may go from nice educational podcast tips to violence, crime and war dialogues with children.

This month we followed their proposal of a STEAM approach to reinforce STEM! Through a bunch of movies that may integrate formal learning sets, they propose an approach to Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics that tries to grasp the living experience in order to favour high-order thinking skills and content accommodation in a personal meaningful learning continuum. All the movies are presented with tips for teachers to explore their potential within the classroom, being supported by open questions that favour integration. So, learning has a basis on an engaging stimulus that is further connected to the children’s worlds, where debate is the threshold for social-constructivist learning.

From Lego to science fiction children are exposed to the glaze of cinema to deeply connect with life far beyond all borders.


Contribution by:
Ana Paulino and Ana Mouta, the editors of A Moment of Sharing, are Pedagogy Specialists at jp.ik.

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