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Our Vision for meaningful Education Projects

We believe Education has the power to transform people’s lives and foster the sustainable development of whole Nations! Well-educated people are usually more active citizens and qualified workers, more capable to explore and create effective opportunities to improve their own lives, to contribute actively to their communities, and to promote the development of their countries.


Investing in Education means nourishing the future of a Nation and education technologies are currently important and powerful tools to drive Education Systems into this journey. Nevertheless, it is just about buying and delivering technology! This is just the tip of the iceberg! A multidisciplinary holistic approach is needed to reach that full potential. It involves empowering educators and engaging students! Building educators’ capacity to take the most advantage of the new educational technologies, innovating pedagogy and transforming Education is crucial in the process. jp.ik is committed to support the development of high-quality and inclusive learning ecosystems, cooperating in the design and implementation of customised Education transformation projects, where the most accurate technological solutions for Education are meaningfully integrated.

Join us in this journey to Quality Education and Sustainable Development.

—- Where does this journey start? —-

—- How do I move into action? —-

—- How do I get to know the impact? —-

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