Education Innovation Hub

01.What is it?

The Education Innovation Hub (EIH!) fosters EdTech-aided pedagogies, promoting learning strategies that cope with present challenges and providing the conditions for better future opportunities.


To create effective and meaningful opportunities for students to become active life-long change agents.
To foster entrepreneurial spirits, thinkers and ethical citizens, who take responsibility for their own lives and actively contribute to the community’s development, sustainability, and collective well-being.


Through minds-on, hands-on and hearts-on learning experiences that effectively engage students and enable them to become active players of their present and creators of their future.

Community Learning Centre

Powered, Connected and Sustainable

The Community Learning Centre (CLC) is a robust multipurpose solution with a simple and fast implementation process. More than a school, the Community Learning Centre answers a community´s primary needs by being ready to provide health services, promoting lifelong learning programs and hosting civic services.
The Community Learning Centre was designed to empower communities towards economic development and social transformation and connecting them to the world.