Creation of JP Sá Couto Company

Technical support center for the brands Spectrum and Seikosha


Creation of the Tsunami brand



Microsoft Award for Best Portuguese Company in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) category


Launch of Tsunami Laptops



Quality Certification by the NP EN ISO 9001


Launch of Tsunami servers and workstations



Most Emerging Brand of the EMEA region Award attributed by Intel to Tsunami


Best Brand of Desktops Award attributed by the magazine PC Guia to Tsunami



Innovation Award attributed by Microsoft



Best Brand of Desktops Award attributed by the magazine PC Guia to Tsunami


Best National Manufacturer of Computers Award attributed by Exame Informática to Tsunami



Best Brand of Desktops Award attributed by the magazine PC Guia to Tsunami


Award Exame Informática Labs



Best National Manufacturer of Computers Award attributed by Exame Informática to Tsunami






E-escolinhas, First technology project for Education, in Portugal


Beginning of Plan Ceibal: All children entering the public-school system have access to a computer, in Uruguay


Project Netketabi, in Palestine


Beginning of Canaima Educativo Project: Implementation of the devices; knowledge transfer and technical training; implementation and operations of the local assembly unit, in Venezuela


Opening a popup school, Pilot project, in East Timor


Beginning of the project Escuela 2.0, in Galicia, Spain


Project Balboa, in Panama


Beginning of the Education Project Conectar Igualdad, in Argentina


Follow-up of the Plan Ceibal, in Uruguay


Pilot project in Morocco, teacher training at the “Maison de l ‘Enfant”


Learning Without Frontiers Award for Primary and Pre-School Innovation


World Education Summit Award for Best Innovation in Teaching and Learning Technologies



Education Project Meu Kamba, in Angola


Lempitas, in El Salvador


Project Police Security Forces, in United Kingdom


Pilot project in Colombia, on Teacher Professional Development


COMPUTEX d&i Awards for Computers and Systems: Pupil 108 and Any 301


IF Design Awards for Product Design: Any 201, Pupil 103 and Pupil 104


Devices delivery and Industrial unit construction for Quipus, in Bolivia


Pilot project of teacher training, in Jordan for women professional development


Launch of mymaga  brand for Education



Design Awards for Design of Digital and Electronic Devices: Gold (Pupil 108), Silver (Unite 401) and Bronze (Pupil 107)


Una Niña, un Niño, Una computadora, in El Salvador


Digital inclusion project for retired citizens Ibirapitá, in Uruguay



Beginning of the Education project with the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), in Mexico


Final phase with the Industrial units inauguration, in Bolivia


Manufacturing Award 2014 As Maiores do Portugal Tecnológico


Exportation Award 2014 As Maiores do Portugal Tecnológico


Beginning of the The Digital Literacy Programme: Implementation of an assembly unit, and technological development in the country, in Kenya


Tsunami Rebranding



Launch of the education software ikES (Inspiring Knowledge Education Software)


Best Company to Work – X Generation



Launch of the new identity of jp.ik that fully represents our position as a global leading partner in the ICT integration in Education


Special Prize for International Business Cooperation Green Projects Awards 2016


Extension of The Digital Literacy Programme in Kenya


Delivery of Teacher Solution for Future Gate project, in Saudi Arabia



Pilot project with SOS Villages d’Enfants for the integration of technology in the learning experience, in Ivory Coast



Delivery and configuration of tablets, power banks and solar power banks for the Population Census managed and monitored by KNBS, Kenya



Launch of the MU Digital Technologies brand in collaboration with Moi University in Kenya


Implementation of the ik.learning Program for primary school teachers, in Portugal


Delivery of equipment for students and teachers for the Promotion of Educational Success program, in Portugal


Extension of Plan Ceibal, in Uruguay


Emergency project with Municipalities in the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak to deliver student devices, Portugal


Delivery of teacher and student devices for remote learning, amid school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Portugal


Delivery of devices to children from disadvantaged families for remote learning, Kazakhstan



First CLASSMATE PC program large scale partnership for retail with MEDION


Phase II of delivery of teacher and student devices for remote learning, Portugal


Project Juana Manso, Argentina – Delivery of devices with the goal of providing equal access to connectivity to every student



Digital School’s Comprehensive Plan by UNOPS, Argentina – Delivery of devices to students of Buenos Aires, to drive a fairer digital transition for these students


Delivery of student devices under the annual national project Plan Ceibal, Uruguay


Delivery of tablets to senior citizens in Valongo to promote digital literacy and prevent isolation of the elderly, Project ASA, Portugal



Environmentally Certified since 2021 by the NP EN ISO 14001 Standard, improve the company’s environmental performance


Phase II of delivery for teacher students from public schools devices for remote learning, in Portugal


Flow-up of the Education Project Conectar Igualdad, in Argentina



Partnership with MEDION for desktop gaming assemblage



Extension of Plan Ceibal, in Uruguay


Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment for Trainers, in Botswana


Supply of laptops and tablets for the Organic Units of the Regional Education System, in Azores, Portugal

Case Studies

It is on the field that we build our knowledge and acquire increasingly relevant skills.

The implementation of large educational projects with a strong technological base, whose purpose is focused on facilitating access to knowledge, surpassing geographical and physical barriers, gives us the opportunity to share our experiences and learnings.
It is, therefore, in this perspective that our case studies focused on the projects that we implemented are designed.
By sharing our case studies, we share our knowledge and experiences.


The Development of a Nation

Just a few years ago, it was hard to believe that Bolivia would ever be able to build a project that would revolutionize the country’s Education, Productive Development and Technological Readiness. But they made it.

Bolivia is now an excellence model in the implementation of a technological project, which started with educational purposes to become a provider of wider scope solutions for the country.



Digital Literacy Programme

jp.ik has more than 25 years of experience in the field of ICT, occupying a place of leadership and reference not only in its national market, but also internationally. Since the beginning, jp.ik has been devoted to the distribution of high-end technological solutions and since 2008 jp.ik has invested in the field of ICT applied to Education, becoming pioneer in the delivery of a revolutionary educational project.


El Salvador

Fuelling the country's development through Education

Technology plays a crucial role in providing access to quality Education, when pedagogically driven. When Education reaches wider quality standards, it has a positive impact on the social and economic development of countries. In this scenario, the inclusion of technology from an early age in educational environments is simultaneously a challenge and a mandatory requirement for participation and success in globalized societies.



Boosting an educational (r)evolution through an innovative EdTech approach.

jp.ik reaches about one thousand educational agents in Africa with a meaningful approach to EdTech integration.

For the last eight years jp.ik has been gathering knowledge and expertise regarding an effective and efficient integration of high level pedagogical and technological solutions in the field of education.


Leading Digital Transformation in Schools

White Papers

In this section you can access the white papers published by jp.ik.

Knowledge is undoubtedly a great catalyst for individual and community development.
The construction of knowledge can be accomplished through collaborative processes, making the learning experience more fruitful and rewarding.
Whenever possible, collaboration with reference organizations in the context of Education and Technology is important for the development of documents that act as guides to compiling good practices.