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Chronicle: Educate for the World

By July 17, 2017July 26th, 2022News
Our children are not ours! Children are given to us to prepare them for the World! These are words we sometimes hear on a daily basis! In addition, the truth is that parents have a mission to their children, which necessarily involves preparing the children for the World – for the challenges of life.
Educating children means, without a doubt, transmitting, by our own example, values such as tolerance, honesty, respect and compassion. It means to teach, by our own example, words as simple as powerful, such as “good morning,” “excuse me,” “please” and “thank you.”
Years, decades, or centuries will pass by, but educating our children will always go through these paths. Nowadays we live new challenges in our ever-changing world. Much of this transformation and consequent need for adaptation results from a constant technological change.
That is why in today’s world, educating children also means alerting young people to the dangers of the Internet. Today, uncertainty and insecurity are not hidden just around the corner, but they can stamp themselves on our children’s computer monitor in the tranquillity of the home.
We cannot protect them neither always either forever, and therefore our mission is to prepare them for these new challenges.
It is crucial to follow them closely on the journey of the fantastic discovery that Internet can provide. It is essential to accompany them in the processes of research and access to information and explain to them how social networks work; accompany their interactions in this universe; Show them that not everything we do should be published in the social media.
Above all, it is very important that children feel free to share this world with their parents. Without judgments or reprimands, with great patience, serenity and guidance, because the parents’ mission is to educate their children to the World and every day this our World changes a bit more.
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