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Push the limits of computing

A durable, premium-quality laptop with an innovative modular design
Performance and productivity that lasts throughout the day. Premium features include a durable chassis, premium touchscreen, and fingerprint reader

A convertible laptop based on Intel’s NUC Elements

Simply add an Intel® NUC 11 Compute Element with your choice of Intel®processors to the laptops, along with OS and storage. When it’s time to upgrade or refurbish, it’s easy and inexpensive to integrate the next generation of Intel® NUC Compute Element.

Powerful on the inside, stylish on the outside, these laptops are built to support all-day productivity and collaboration.

The Intel® NUC Compute Element enables an upgrade to the latest processor without the high cost and carbon footprint of replacing the laptop.

Modular Design
The modular design makes it easy and inexpensive to upgrade to a new processor without replacing the entire laptop.

OS Windows® 11

NUC Elements Specifications • Intel® NUC 11 Compute Elements available | Intel® NUC 12 Compute Elements available

Memory​ 4GB LPDDR4​

Storage  SSD up to 2TB

Screen  13.9” 3K 3000 x 2000 Multi-touch

I/O  1x Thunderbolt 4 | 2x USB-A | 1x HDMI |1x DisplayPort | 1x RJ-45 | 1x Combo Jack

Security Kensington Lock | fTPM

Connectivity WiFi 6 | Gigabit LAN | Bluetooth 5.0

Camera HD with IR Camera | 4x D-Mic

Battery Li-Polymer | 77Wh | 5000mAh

Size and Weight 304 x 230 x 16.55 mm | 1.5 Kg

Ready to Ship – stock available in PT

(1) Results are based on test under controlled conditions using the TabletMark® battery life benchmark (Basic product configuration, brightness 50%, WiFi & BT – ON). Battery Life depends on numerous factors including product configuration and usage, screen brightness, operating conditions, wireless functionality, power management settings and other factors. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage.