Unleash student creativity with Adobe Express

Empower your students' creativity and bring their ideas to life with Adobe Express - the intuitive and accessible tool for digital storytelling in the classroom.

User-Friendly Interface
Adobe Express has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for students and educators to quickly create engaging content without spending hours learning complex software.

Creative Possibilities
Offers a wide range of tools and features that allow students to explore their creativity and express themselves through digital media. From photo editing and graphic design to video creation and animation, the possibilities are endless.

Accessible for Students
Compatible with a variety of devices and platforms, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Plus, it’s very easy for students and educators to use, making it a friendly option for classrooms.

Enhances Learning
Students have a hands-on and engaging experience that can help enhance their learning. Whether they’re creating multimedia projects, designing posters, or editing videos, they’re building valuable skills that can be used in a variety of careers.


Adobe Express for Education is an accessible and versatile digital media tool that empowers students to develop essential technical and creative skills. With a user-friendly interface, expansive toolset, and compatibility with multiple devices and platforms, Adobe Express allows students to easily create and share multimedia projects, from photo editing and graphic design to video creation and animation. Students gain hands-on experience that enhances their learning and provides them with the skills they need to succeed in a variety of fields. Adobe Express for Education is a powerful platform that enables students to bring their ideas to life, create with confidence, and thrive in the digital age.


Adobe Express for Education offers accessible and versatile digital media tools that enable students to develop essential skills and create engaging multimedia projects. With a user-friendly interface and compatibility across multiple devices, Adobe Express saves valuable class time and enhances student learning and engagement.

  • Provides accessible and versatile digital media tools for students
  • Has a user-friendly interface that saves class time
  • Compatible with multiple devices for flexibility
  • Enhances student learning and engagement with hands-on experience