Softthinks brings together 4 powerful solutions

Softthinks solutions aim at improving the life of millions of users who deserve reliable computers, protection for their personal data, while constantly streamlining and improving computer maintenance.

Softthinks Deployment Suite, the all-in-one, automated and adaptive PC Support Solution. Helps computer recyclers to streamline their PC support processes, reduce their operating costs and improve their traceability.

SDS Kiosk
Traditional In-Store Mobile Devices & PC support is either expensive or time inefficient. SDS-Kiosk makes Mobile Devices & PC support profitable & time efficient.

The all-in-one and accessible Refurbishing Solution. Helps streamline the refurbishing process, reduce operating costs and improve traceability while avoiding important implementation costs and remaining compliant with Microsoft Refurbishers Programs.

Softthinks Backup and Recovery is a software suite covering system failure diagnosis and repair, system recovery (with user data and settings migration), data backup and continuous data protection with versioning.

Softthinks brings together 4 powerful solutions

Software Deployment, Content Backup and Recovery, PC repair solution and lifecycle management. These 4 solutions help customers reduce their IT support costs through the use of leading-edge technology, innovative approaches and agile organization.


  • Streamline support processes
  • Reduce operating costs and improve traceability
  • Streamline the refurbishing process
  • Time efficient
  • Easy integration