Empowering the next generation of innovators

The Intel® Skills for Innovation Initiative helps educators integrate technology into their teaching as they foster the development of social-emotional, cognitive, and technological skills to prepare students for a technology-driven workplace.

Understand new skills requirements in the post-pandemic environment. Rethink technology’s role in the education system to foster skill building. Align stakeholders and facilitate the creation of an action plan.

Adopt technology-supported, skills-based learning models across the entire education system.

Develop educators’ competencies to facilitate higher-order skills development in their students.

Experience technology in the actual learning environment and assess its potential for skill building.

Intel® SFI is Reinventing Technology’s Role in Education to Empower Students to Become the Next Generation of Innovators

The Intel® Skills for Innovation Initiative (Intel® SFI) empowers decision-makers and educators in adopting technology to create innovative learning experiences which actively engage students in all learning environments – virtual, at school, or blended. By inspiring teachers and learners to reach their full potential through a technology-supported, skills-based approach, the Intel SFI Initiative guides them to build their skills to maximize learning outcomes and prepare students for a changing, technology-dominated world.


  • Includes a Starter Pack, consisting of a set of hands-on activities
  • Library of 70 activities and over 140 hours of content
  • Pre-designed, technology-infused new learning experiences
  • Integrates digital technologies and skill-building into the curriculum
  • Helps build students’ interest in curriculum subjects
  • Suitable for remote and virtual learning, as well as flipped classroom models