Transform students from users into creators of technology

Ubbu is a coding software that prepares young minds for the future by enabling them to become logical thinkers, problem solvers and skillful conscious citizens.

Dynamic Activities
Enable logical thinkers, problem solvers and skillful conscious citizens

Innovative Strategies
Gamification strategies

Technology Experinece
Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and STEAM approach


Teaching with ubbu transforms students from users into creators of technology.  Trials by Universidade NOVA de Lisboa demonstrated that students improved their performance in other subjects as well; such as a 17% increase in math and a 5% increase in logical reasoning. Our curriculum was developed to support six continuous years of weekly classes for ages 6 to 12. The content has always the subtext to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, to enable students to become global citizens while learning coding.


This application has been meticulously designed with the help of educators to both enable and empower all teachers, without prior technology experience, to kick start their school’s innovation journey. It’s a turnkey solution that seamlessly brings computer science into all classrooms and content areas, including computational thinking.

  • RESOURCES: Each ubbu lesson is made up of several resources like videos, images, games and projects
  • PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: ubbox is a tool that allows students to create projects using a block-based programming language
  • VULNERABILITY SCANNER: Scores are a great way to track your, or your students’, progress within the curriculum
  • TEACHER TRAINING: The first time you use the platform you’ll be prompted to begin your training: it will teach you how to create a class, navigate the platform and teach lessons
  • ACCESS TO MORE LESSONS: To access the full ubbu curriculum, you can upgrade to the complete version, which includes 3 levels with 30 lessons each