Learn with World of Music and became a music master

Classplash's World of Music is a series about music education where you'll learn all about melody, rhythm, music theory and other wonderful things related with music.

Baby Composer
A simple and engaging game designed to help children learn the basics of a musical notation while composing small melodies.

Flute Master
Learn to play recorder and reading notes.

Cornelius Composer
Teachers and students can easily compose music without complex and difficult-to-use special software.

Rhythmic Village
Learn rhythm and drums, and how to read sheet music.

Harmony City
Learn to play chords on the guitar or ukulele.

Hello Music!
An interactive and colorful game which can be played with real instruments and introduces children to the most common notes in music.


Our music learning games listen to you while you play and provide immediate feedback – making learning an instrument fun!


Music education has a lot of development benefits!It helps promoting self-confidence by reducing fear of failure by activating brain neurons. It also improves the social behavior and personality development while stimulates a deeper logical-mathematical understanding.

  • Fun and engaging
  • No music reading skills necessary
  • Developed by award-winning music educators
  • Free tools like Tuner, Tube Jammer, Percussion library, Drum Sequencer
  • Free Astro Whacker, import music to play with your Boomwhackers in classroom