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J.P. Sá Couto is now Environmentally Certified

jp.ik, as BU for education at JP. Sá Couto S.A. is proud and fortunate to announce that we are Environmentally Certified for ISO 14001.

At  jp.ik, as the education business unit of JP. Sá Couto, S.A., we work to face the complex economic, environmental and social challenges of the markets in which we operate.
Since our first project, we have taken as our purpose develop and implement sustainable projects, designed according to the needs of each geography, each ecosystem, each culture. We seek to add value through the transfer of knowledge, contributing to a more democratic access to technologies for education and, consequently, to training and information.Thus, since 2017, we have aligned our goals in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

We work side by side with the main international institutions that share with us a set of good practices and global principles.

Aware of the constantly changing environment in which we operate, we are committed to working for a fairer, safer and more sustainable future for the generations of today and tomorrow, for the generations of our children and their children.

Across our organization, we seek to continuously improve in our environmental work. All of our efforts can be seen in a transversal way, either with our Business Units  jp.ik  or with the companies that are part of

As an integral part of our culture, Sustainability drives our environmental efforts bearing these goals in mind:

  • Supporting our companies growth and exceeding our customers increasing expectations for more sustainable products and services.
  • Fostering a culture of sustainability that engages and attracts people who want to make a difference.
  • Improving our operational efficiency, including lowering costs and reducing the environmental footprint of our operations and supply chain.
  • Expanding engagement with our stakeholders on environmental issues, including leading in global partnerships that increase the scale of our sustainability impact.
  • Demonstrating our commitment from the top, including continued integration of sustainability into company goals and decision-making.
  • Engage all our people in a common purpose, contributing to small changes on daily routines, into an inside-out movement, from the organization to the community.
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