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jp.ik announces New Organization Structure for 2020-2025

Therefore, and aiming to streamline and improve our operations and position for continuous growth, the Management Board of jp.ik comes forward to announce the following changes to the management structure effective since January 1, 2020.
jp.ik organizational structure is now grouped in three Management Directions. 

  • Nick Broda is now in charge of Sales & Marketing Direction;
  • João Felgueiras leads the Operations Direction
  • Jorge Castilho assumes Products & Solutions Direction, which also embraces the Purchasing area, taking on the relations with suppliers, not leaving behind the usual and needed interactions with other areas of jp.ik.

The beginning of 2020 brought a new professional challenge to Sónia Pereira that joined the in October of 2018 as a Corporate Communication Manager. At the end of 2019, Sónia Pereira, who holds a Master’s in Marketing and more than ten years of experience in the retail and editorial sectors as a marketeer, accepted the challenge and became the Head of Marketing of jp.ik.

Within this context for a more agile operation, a more flexible team and a premium service for our clients, our Business Management team welcomes a few shifts.
In the beginning of the year, Lídia Santos joined the team as Regional Business Manager for East Africa. Holding a Master’s in Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation and Interpretation from the University of Leeds, Lidia has a professional background distinguished by her skills regarding languages ​​and cultures in international business in distinctive sectors, advising companies in the export trade.
In addition, Carlos Barbosa joined the company ten years ago. Throughout the years, Carlos has been part of some jp.ik teams, who were key for the implementation of our most iconic ICT-projects for education. With a solid know-how in the field, Carlos Barbosa is now Regional Business Manager for Europe.
Since January 1, Nelson Pereira is accountable for the trades and partners’ relations in the Latin America region. He is post graduated in International Businesses and has more than fifteen years of experience in the trading area in distinctive markets, both nationally and internationally.
Carlos Ferreira joined the company almost 15 years ago and he holds an intensive experience as a commercial manager for IT products and services.
After almost two years as Partner Account Manager for Europe, Carlos accepted the challenge and assumed the role of Regional Business Manager for North and Central America.
Finally, and to keep in mind, since his arrival to jp.ik in 2016, André Pinto is the Regional Business Manager for Central and Southern Africa, while Jerónimo Silva is the Regional Business Manager for Middle East & Northern Africa since 2014.

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