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jp.ik Education Solutions brill at BETT Show 2017

From the 25th until the 28th of January, Excel London hosted the BETT Show considered the most important global event dedicated to the use of information and communication technologies in Education.

BETT is the benchmark event for the leading organizations in the global market of education, conquering strong visibility and broader visibility as education and lifelong learning gain increasing relevance.
For four days the visitors of this event had the opportunity to meet and interact with the most varied and avant-garde solutions: from the most comprehensive national programs to the most advanced usability scenarios of technologies specifically designed for Education.
Founded in 1985 and with over 30 editions, the BETT Show is the preferred forum for the world’s largest technology giants.

For its third participation in the BETT Show, jp.ik bet on a more inspirational image for the exhibition Stand, designed by Mojobrands and built by Expoforma, which responds to two major purposes. Firstly, the image designed for the exhibition stand is the cornerstone of jp.ik’s rebranding launched at the start of 2017. Secondly, the image concept of the jp.ik exhibition Stand transports the visitors to The Inspiring Knowledge Ecosystem whose main pillars are Technology, Pedagogy and Engineering.

Therefore, three representative spaces were created for each of the three pillars. The exhibition Stand was thus designed in a fluid and open space with the goal of making the visitors’ journey more engaging and dynamic, allowing an experience and knowledge of the Inspiring Knowledge Ecosystem more impactful.

In the Technology space, visitors had the opportunity to learn about the latest education devices developed by jp.ik, including SLIDE S202, MOVE S201 and TURN T201.
In this edition of BETT a special highlight was given to TURN T201, the most disruptive educational device developed so far by jp.ik. Designed for students aged 12-18 and in a modern style, the TURN T201 is a 360° convertible device.
The active pen is compatible with Windows Ink essential for a more intuitive and precise work. The TURN T201 has preinstalled the Inspiring Knowledge Education Software, a set of software tools that gives students and teachers the opportunity to intertwine in a full learning experience. The micro lens attaches to the webcam allows it to operate as a microscope for scientific tasks and the temperature probe (Thermal Probe) detects temperature fluctuations.
The TURN T201 also has a retractable handle that makes it easier to carry and less likely to fall. We can also forget our passwords and their recovery can be a complicated process, particularly in the classroom environment. To avoid this situation, Windows Hello allows the use of fingerprint recognition for easier access.

The journey of the visitors who passed through the jp.ik exhibition Stand during these four days continues into the space of Pedagogy. With the help of experts from this area of ​​jp.ik, visitors learned about the portfolio of innovative solutions dedicated to the technological capacitation of teachers. In this space, it was also possible to experience some of the large-scale technological educational projects developed by jp.ik, such as the case of the Digital Literacy Program Project, which is currently under implementation in Kenya.
Finally, the space dedicated to Engineering is the last stop of this journey of the visitors of jp.ik exhibition Stand. In this space, thought for the most industrial pillar of the Inspiring Knowledge Ecosystem, special attention is given to the Popup School, a project very cherished by the jp.ik team and the communities with which we work and still maintain strong ties.
The activity of jp.ik is guided by long and close partnerships and it is precisely in this collaborative spirit that BRCK, ECS, Famasete and SIGMA have been at our side, sharing the space, knowledge and experiences during the four Days of the Event.
For the third consecutive time, jp.ik participated in the BETT Show, which, for our team, presents itself as the ideal forum for the creation of new partnerships and the narrowing of the existing ones. It is therefore in this context that over the course of these four days the calendar of meetings with long-term partners and potential new partners in both the business sector and the government sector has proved to be intensive and fruitful.
In short, more than 3,500 people per day visited jp.ik exhibition Stand, which represents, on the one hand, the level of interest of the visitors in the solutions designed by jp.ik and, on the other, the level of excellence and avant-garde of jp.ik solutions. In addition, the contacts made during the BETT Show foresees a 2017 marked by great business opportunities that, for the jp.ik team, are much more than that. They are opportunities to transform the learning experience.
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