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jp.ik is one of Microsoft’s first global partners launching Windows 11 SE education devices

In an initiative to strengthen the role of technology in education, jp.ik and Microsoft have partnered together to bring to market an innovative, safe and affordable solution that not only solves some of the biggest concerns from teachers, parents and students, but also enhances democratized access to a set of essential tools to the learning journey of any child.

Simplified and optimized for teachers and students usage, with less distractions and better management options for schools to deliver their content and applications to their devices these are some of the differentiating elements of Windows 11 SE, Microsoft’s latest solution for education technology.

Designed with student performance in mind, Windows 11 SE optimizes the role of schools in managing activities integrated into to their devices, controlling access to extracurricular content, ensuring greater safety and school success.

This new edition designed to lead focus on education ensures an interconnected classroom experience through the Cloud, integrating essential connectivity and communication applications within the classroom. This coordinated management enhances school efficiency and the assistance technology at no additional cost.

Jorge Sá Couto, Chairman of  jp.ik, says that “Microsoft and jp.ik share the ambition to always do more and better to optimize technology in education.With Windows 11 SE we do it by considering not only the school success of youngsters, but also on the school day-to-day activities, through the simplification of tasks to education professionals and IT Admins who manage, locally, all the challenges of the activity. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we materialize Windows 11 SE in our devices, from Portugal to the world.”

Windows 11 SE was announced today at Microsoft Reimagine event, in the United States of America.

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