Environmental Certification

Environmentally Certified since 2021 by the NP EN ISO 14001 Standard, jp.sá couto works daily to enhance the company’s environmental performance, in the environmental legal compliance and in the control and monitoring of its significant environmental qualities.

For jp.sá couto environmental sustainability is a crucial aspect since it is our present and our future. It is our way of being.

Product Certifications

Our products are certified to ensure they are environmentally safe and sustainable, ensuring we contribute to a better and cleaner ecosystem.

Packaging Certification


jp.ik’s contribution for sustainability

Our devices come with certified FSC Packaging. This means that it uses the least amount of materials possible, and that they all come from certified producers, with forest management standards that protect water quality, old-grown forests, forest cover and prevent hazardous chemicals. Our devices are designed to be repaired, and together with their intrinsic ruggedness, their lifecycle will be far greater than normal.

Documents & Reports

All the documentation required for our sustainable goals and practices. Sustainability in action.

Environmental Performance Report 2023

Water, Energy, GHG Emissions

Conflict Minerals Report

Public Disclosure for 2022 Reporting Year