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Empowering Education: jp.ik Unveils Innovative Collaborations with Tech Leaders at Bett Show 2024

In a pioneering collaboration, jp.ik is proud to announce its strategic alliance with leading technology companies at Bett Show 2024, taking place from January 24th - 26th at ExCeL London.

Porto, January, 2024 In the face of exceptional challenges in our schools, education stakeholders have intensified their efforts over the past few years to navigate these evolving times. Recognizing this dynamic context, jp.ik is ready to facilitate a unique three-day event in London. The aim is to establish a collaborative forum where the education community can convene, exchange ideas, and collectively address the pressing needs of our changing educational landscape.

This year, jp.ik will have Digital Education Laboratory solutions on booth placed at SL56, on the Teaching and Learning Tech section. Composed by seven spaces – 3D Immersive experience, Artificial Intelligence, Laser cutting, PCB Prototype, Programming & Robotics, Renewable Energy and STEM – these Digital Education Labs provide innovative devices and kits that can be tested.

For Bett 2024, jp.ik joins efforts with seven key partners: Six United, Microsoft, Intel, Onsor Technologies, Leia Inc., Goldkey and Clevo, seeking to cooperate on the development of new technologies that can transform the future of education.

“jp.ik is inviting its most valued partners from all over Europe and Americas. Together, we will not only share invaluable insights, but also collectively explore the future landscape of education. This collaborative effort aims to identify and seize emerging opportunities, fostering an inclusive learning environment that exceeds borders. As a method for positive change, jp.ik is excited to associate with its partners in shaping the future of education on a global” says Jorge Sá Couto, jp.ik Chairman.


Education Digital Labs

In this edition of Bett 2024, jp.ik will present a new education solution: Digital Education Labs. The ik Digital Labs are learning spaces designed to stimulate interaction between students and make them the protagonists of the process. It has tools such as computers, a 3D printer, a laser cutter, drill, and robotics kits, which can be tested in our booth.

Students are stimulated to test hypotheses and to develop projects with the aim of proving them – whether it’s understanding the process of an electric current, or creating a robot, from paper to prototypes, towards the development of digital skills.

This initiative was born from the close collaboration between teachers, students, pedagogues, and EdTech Specialists to cover the way for Governments and Public institutions, as well as every single stakeholder to develop Digital skills of school-age citizens or working population.


New announcements

A special announcement will be made, and an innovative piece of equipment presented, the BOLT W503, which has received the prestigious EPEAT registration, a significant milestone in the world of sustainable technology.

Among the product offer, jp.ik will showcase five new equipment’s LEAP T204, LEAP W506, TURN W501, BOLT W503 and BOLT W504, purpose-built Education devices featuring Windows 11.

We are excited to bring student-centric solutions to the education market.  We truly believe that active learning on a laptop should not slow down whether students are in class or on the go.

All these devices can adapt to students and, with Intel’s® latest processors, deliver a great experience that will support the day-in-the-life for anywhere learning.


All these innovative devices and kits can be tested on jp.ik booth at SL56, on the Teaching and Learning Tech section, at Excel London, at Bett, 24th to 26th January 2024.



For more information about jp.ik and its presence in Bett, please visit

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