How to transform learning ecosystems towards Quality Education?

Our integrated services support the development of high-quality and inclusive learning environments, strengthening Education Systems and empowering people through learning.

Inspiring Education Services offer a holistic and comprehensive approach to Edtech Projects, based on a strategic framework to support Education Transformation through a meaningful integration of edtech resources.


Deeply know your context


Empower your changemaking agents


Be aware of what is going on


Education Consultancy and Project Design

What is Education transformation all about? What is our Theory of Change? How do we plan it? What are the critical ingredients we definitively should not miss? And what is the role of edtech in this complex equation?

The ik.design service aims at supporting the design of a comprehensive educational project, taking advantage of digital learning resources, by promoting the entwining of Education priorities, pedagogical strategies and technologies towards deep Quality Education. It comprises two main sequential actions: the initial context evaluation, and the project design.


Training and Professional Development

How do we move from a project design to its effective implementation? How do we build meaningful capacity for action among education stakeholders? How do we ensure those players work collaboratively and stick to their role, managing processes, tools and resources?

From decision-makers to school champions, teachers, students and even community supporters, all have particular needs that must be addressed through a comprehensive approach. ik.learning service believes that transforming learning ecosystems largely depends upon a deep culture of Continuing Professional Development, addressing the different education stakeholders’ responsibilities and needs on a pedagogy-driven edtech project.


Educational Impact Assessment

Are we really getting the results we intended to? How are our efforts contributing to an effective change? What are our KPIs? And to what extent are we reaching them?

ik.impact service enables monitoring goals as a self-improvement process towards the expected results of edtech projects driven by pedagogy, considering different education stakeholders and critical indicators of quality education. Based on a comprehensive mixed evaluation approach, it encompasses pre-assessment, assessment and follow-up actions.