Learn the STEM education model

A virtual platform where it's possible to access all areas of STEM education and complete each of the corresponding laboratory practices, without needing to buy any physical equipment and without risking any accidents by your students.

Virtual Model
Virtual integration of the STEM model.

Low Maintenance Costs
Saving on equipment, reagents and maintenance.

Interactive Models
Interactive and dynamic – gamification approach.

Laboratory Simulator
Laboratory practices with zero risk of accidents.

Automation System
Automation of grades and reports sending for a more efficient grading system.


This software facilitates tracking of the students’ results and progress and allows to see the ranking of the students by group, school and on a global level through the CloudLabs ranking module. Students can learn the STEM education model through the laboratory practices and teachers can track the progress of the students and the results obtained from the laboratory practices.


  • SCIENCE: Physics laboratory simulator for natural sciences, physics and chemistry, which are based on the study of matter, physical and chemical phenomena and the living environment.
  • TECHNOLOGY: It is transversally integrated across the curriculum, encouraging the development of scientific skills, reading
    comprehension and logical thinking.
  • ENGINEERING: Practices to automate industrial processes through a graphic programming, interface designed to develop logical and systemic thinking.
  • MATHEMATICS: Math simulator for the study of calculus and analytical geometry.